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About Silk Hat

Silk Hat Greetings is a subsidiary of Alchemy Coatings Ltd. With over 25 years’ experience in the application of ‘added value’ coatings to print and packaging, we sell a premium quality range of Gift Wrap, Bags and Tags, Greetings Cards and Luxury Tissue. Manufacturing our own products enables retailers to buy premium quality products and retail them in line with standard range products.

With an enviable collection of state of the art machinery and a skilled workforce, we have the ability to manufacture large volumes at short notice. Not only does the buyer get the opportunity to buy product ‘genuinely’ made in the UK, thus supporting UK manufacture, but also has the ability to order product ‘just in time’, or get urgent top up orders when stock unexpectedly runs low or even to fill the void if an existing supplier fails to deliver.

The ‘Silk Hat’ brand has countless unique selling points and incorporates an array of innovative, tactile and eye-catching coatings. With velvet textures, raised and shiny finishes, foils and touch-proof glitter; our products are unique, innovative and luxurious. Diversifying from simply print on paper, our products are a refreshing change for consumer and retailer alike. Whether you’re a consumer, wanting something different and stylish, or a retailer wanting to draw the consumers’ attention; the ‘Silk Hat’ brand ticks all the boxes.

All our products are made from FSC Certified paper and board.

If you would like more information about our unique and innovative British made products please contact us.

Silk Hat Gift Wrap - About us Silk Hat Gift Wrap - About us Silk Hat Gift Wrap - About us Silk Hat Gift Wrap - About us